Laptop vs workstation

So I'm thinking of changing things up a bit in the studio. 

For years I've solely used a desktop PC, laptops weren't powerful enough to handle 3d modelling and rendering was impossible with them.

But technology has changed and so has our workflow, for years everything was rendered in-house with our own render farm, but nowadays we render everything online. 

The latest generation of laptops have i9 process's with 6 cores (hyperthreaded to 12) and amazing GPUs. Because of this, I'm feeling like a massive workstation isn't necessary anymore. So I'm thinking of going mobile, ditching the workstation and moving to a laptop.

With this setup, the goal is to be able to offer on-site 3d visualization and training. 

Do you need that render doing in the next two days?? Well, we can come to your office and work on it with you in real-time with our system. 

Do you what state of the art 3ds max training?, I can bring everything with me to you and train you on site.

I was wondering if anyone else has taken this step and if you feel like this would be something you'd be interested in?