Time for a change of scenery

Time for a change of scenery

After a few months of weighing the pros and cons, I’m finally taking the bull by the horns and we are moving offices and this time we’re taking a different approach.

When we relocated back to Yorkshire in 2016 one of the first steps was finding an office. We moved (by design) close to Doncaster Sheffield Airport. There were a few reasons for this; there’s a great secondary school for my eldest, both our families live around this area and being close to the airport we knew there would be some great office spaces to rent.

Its now two years later and we’ve been based in Armstrong House for most of that time. The office has been great. We decorated the space with as many geeky space pictures as we could, purchased desks and chairs and it’s only a 5 mins drive from home.

But about 6 months ago I started to get itchy feet and it took me a long while to fully figure out why.

After sitting down and talking through everything with my business partner we came to the conclusion that as great as this space is, it really doesn't fit with the vision that we have for Paper Unicorn.

Then I found Helm. This space is very different from how we work now, it’s a co-working space, which isn't something I’d ever considered before.

I had a great meeting with Liam Swift, the founder of Helm, and came to the decision that this could really work well for our studio.

Personally, I’ve always found networking a difficult thing to do, turning up to breakfast mornings or meet ups isn't something that comes naturally to me. But because Helm is a co-working environment, you are effectively networking all day long. They have weekly meetups on Monday mornings and host events once a month. This seems perfect to me.

So, we are moving. As long as everything goes to plan, this time next month we’ll be based in Helm full time.

Now I just have the arduous task of selling furniture, packing equipment and relocating. It's going to be a busy few weeks.