Using CGI firms as service providers, not just for the end product.

I had a great meeting with one of our fantastic local clients last week, Vigo Group. We’ve worked on a number of projects with Vigo over the last 12 months and are currently looking at three new developments.

During this meeting, we were discussing the last project we worked on, Finningley Court in Blaxton, Doncaster. We created five computer-generated images for this development, an aerial shot and four close up visuals that showed the different properties on the site.

Swan homuse CGI.jpg

While we were discussing how the ongoing building works were going, Vigo mentioned how helpful it was to be able to see both individual properties and the entire site while we were creating the 3d models and renders.

Because they were able to see both the development as a whole and the various details up close, Vigo was able to make design changes that benefited the overall aesthetic of the site and the individual plots before the building work had even started.

This got me thinking about how beneficial it is to work with a CGI firm during a project’s life cycle span.

Seeing a real-world view from the very beginning allows everyone in the project to easily visualise key details, such a ceiling heights, floor space or existing structures that need to be worked around and incorporated into the design.

Seeing every detail as it will ultimately be on completion can improve the architectural design of the buildings and ultimately sell more properties.

A CGI firm with years of experience in creating 3d architectural models and visuals will not only be able to create beautiful images, (the end product) but they will also be able to act as a central point for the design of the development, from concept to completion.

A good CGI firm will liaise with architects, engineers and planners. They’ll be able to show you a true representation of the buildings and site before any groundwork has started, allowing you to make changes that could, in the long run, end up being very expensive mistakes.

An experienced and competent CGI firm may not be the cheapest option for your development, but in the long run, the advantages of using a firm like this far outweigh the disadvantages.

The final visuals are the end product and are often people’s only objective, a means to an end. But it's the services that are provided along the way that will be of most benefit to your project.