Paper Unicorn is a creative studio, with over 15 years of experience in 3d computer graphics. We create visually striking computer generated content, specialising in interiors and architecture.

We’re a Yorkshire-based business and a champion of both local firms and independent UK businesses. We have successfully partnered with creative firms nationwide as well as working with clients from all over the world.

Our clients include property developers, award winning interior designers, world class architects, creative agencies, lighting designers, technology agencies, PR teams and industrial designers.


What We Do


We’re a visualisation firm working on projects designed, not yet made.

We aim to bring your ideas, designs, developments or products to life with 3d imagery, animations and 360 interactive images.

We work with creative agencies, architects and designers, capturing our clients’ vision and concept to produce immersive content for web, print and virtual reality.

Our emphasis is on listening to our clients and bringing their exact vision to life as closely as we can. Should you need it, we’ll happily offer support and advice. All of our work is completed in-house and we can work with you to expand your service offerings.

Our job is to make your projects stand out.